When looking at different electronics webshops that sell modules to make life easier, I got shocked by the way they turn any electrical component into a module. Then I thought let’s keep going with the easy modules and I made a module for an RGB LED.


The schematic is as easy as can be:


The labeling is a bit messy but the idea is there. The left connector represents male pin headers and the right connector represents the RGB LED. The resistors are used to limit the current to each LED. Note that every LED need a different value resistor.


The PCB layout is quite artistic again. I noticed how the solder pads for ground are rectangular and the others are circular. After a bit of research I found out that the positive voltages always use rectangular pads. Well, let’s call it a small design flaw then.


The 3D render looks pleasing again

3D Render


Any feedback is welcome!


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