Hi and welcome to Trevor’s repair café! I am the owner, Trevor (Also known as Trevortjes on YouTube).

The repair café is nothing more than a place for me to discuss everything I want regarding electronics and audio. It also doubles as portfolio.


September 11th 2021: CB-MASTER Netzgeraet 7/9A
April 25th 2021: Bontempi BT 805
April 11th 2021: Envelope Follower / AR Generator
April 4th 2021: Attenuverter With Offset and Gain
April 2nd 2021: MOSFET Sample and Hold
March 28th 2021: Coloured Noise Generator
March 20th 2021: In Defence Of The LM358
March 13th 2021: VCO 4069 Build Report
February 26th 2021: Transistor Matching

The website can be navigated via the following categories:

The general place for bigger finished projects. At the moment mainly school assignments.

Learn how to work with the Arduino development platform and playing around with some projects.

For learning and experimenting with different aspects of analog electronics.

The same as analog but for digital electronics.

Here is all the real fun stuff! A collection of DIY synthesizer and effect pedal projects. Also has many experiments/articles on audio related topics.

Everything about PCB design. Showcases some simple Kicad projects and tutorials. Will also include lessons and examples from other PCB design programs. I’m also trying to include analyses of PCBs inside commercial devices.

Fixes and Repairs:
The place where I show fixes for software and hardware problems and also repairs when it comes to the latter.

A collection of articles about electronic components and their usages. Can be seen as an encyclopedia of components.

Video series on the usage of LTSPICE.

Who is Trevor and what does he do?

The easiest way to reach me.