Hi and welcome to Trevor’s repair café! I am the owner, Trevor (Also known as Trevortjes on YouTube).

The repair café is nothing more than a place for me to discuss everything I want regarding electronics and audio. It also doubles as portfolio.


May 21st: Portable Electronic Keyboard NEW!
April 2nd: Korg Micro Six (GT-6J) Tuner NEW!
March 19th: Xbox 360 Wired Controller Repair
March 13th: Imatronic SX3000 Slide Dissolver
March 5th : Sanyo M-787AZ Cassette Recorder
March 5th: Standard SR-T115 Cassette Recorder
February 23rd: Vielfachmessgerät No. 62DEN
February 19th: BPM Boy

November 13th: Unknown Dutch 70s Bench PSU
October 17th: 12v Symmetrical Eurorack PSU
September 11th: CB-MASTER Netzgeraet 7/9A
April 25th: Bontempi BT 805
April 11th: Envelope Follower / AR Generator
April 4th: Attenuverter With Offset and Gain
April 2nd: MOSFET Sample and Hold
March 28th: Coloured Noise Generator
March 20th: In Defence Of The LM358
March 13th: VCO 4069 Build Report
February 26th: Transistor Matching