Owners of the M-Audio Fast Track (see picture) and who updated their PC to Windows 10 (might also be happening with Windows 8), experience frequent Blue Screens Of Death that occur randomly.


The occurence of this BSOD might de daily or weekly but it will always be the same error code:


The Fast Track was one of the most versatile audio cards out there that was able to multihost. This means that the program (like a DAW) does not claim the audio card. When the audio card IS claimed (like pure ASIO4ALL cards), it is not possible to work in your DAW and stream a video on Youtube at the same time. This is highly annoying when you want to cover a song or want to play along a piano tutorial.

To get your Fast Track back in business this is what you have to do:

  1. Remove your current Fast Track drivers
  2. Go to the AVID driver page
  3. Download the drivers from November 14, 2005 (second-last on the page)
  4. Install these drivers
  5. Done

Your Fast Track will work as it always did but there are a few important things to keep in mind:

To multihost you first have to open the DAW you want to use, and then all the other programs. Let’s say you want to play guitar to your favorite youtube video, then you open the DAW, select the M-Audio driver and after that is done, you open your browser.

I am currently using the Fast Track for a few months with these older drivers, and everything works like a charm BUT I had one occassion in which I got the same BSOD as with the newest drivers. For me this is totally worth it because I went from a BSOD a day to a BSOD a half year.

I hope this guide helped you with your BSOD headaches


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