KICAD 3: LM386 Amplifier With Bass Boost

After finishing the 3 component modules I wanted more of a challenge. I looked up the datasheet of the infamous LM386 audio opamp that is featured in many cheap audio applications.

Datasheets from IC’s like opamps often contain a ‘typical application’. These are circuits that show off the basic configuration of the IC or a simple implementation of the IC for various applications. For the LM386 I took the typical application for an audio amplifier with bass boost.



I took the schematic and remade it in KiCAD


Then I laid down the PCB



Also added a little silkscreen text to show who the creator is. The 3D render is pure art

3D Render


Feedback is always welcome!

KICAD 1: Buzzer Module

When starting with KiCAD I found out it was fairly easy to design PCB’s. To keep training my skills I did some small projects. One of these projects is a module that simply contains a buzzer, a potentiometer and some male headers. The module could be used as speaker with volume control.

The schematic is fairly simple



The module uses two male headers as signal input. The current gets limited by the potentiometer. From here on I continued laying down the PCB.



The end result is quite pleasing

3D Render


Any feedback is welcome!