Arduino Mega

In my journey of learning everything about PCB design I often find myself looking at PCBs on the internet or those that are laying around in my room. When observing them I sometimes spot mistakes or odd things of which I think are remarkable because the company behind it is so big.

Arduino Mega
In this post I will discuss the things I saw when looking at the Arduino Mega PCB. I marked the spots with red circles or squares. (Click the image for a larger view).


Mistakes and oddities
First of all the PCB is full of 90 degree angles and bad impedance matching. Datalines are all kept thight to make it aesthethically pleasing, while it introduces alot of capacitive and inductive crosstalk.

It’s quite visible that they chose to place vias only at places where there is no silkscreen. The board has a lot of empty space but still they cramp all these vias together.

Also the crystal oscillator for the ATMEGA2560-16AU seems to be placed very closely to what seems to be a power line. There might be some filtering on that line, but why place the crystal oscillator so far away from the IC?

Got comments or know why certain design choices were made? Leave your thoughts down below!

Image source: Reichelt Elektronik


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