Arduino 1: Introduction

I remember the first time I got ‘blink’ to work on my Arduino Uno. I never knew a blinking LED could be this exciting. But that was just the start!

In this course I’d like to take complete Arduino beginners by the hand and walk through everything you need to know to start engineering with an Arduino platform.

What you will need

  • Any Arduino platform. I recommend the Arduino Uno
  • The Arduino software
  • USB A/B Cable
  • Computer (or laptop). I’ll be using Windows 10.

Setting up the Arduino

Download the latest software from the Arduino website. Install the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Attach the Arduino to your computer with the USB A/B cable and wait for the drivers to install. Windows will notify you when this is done.

Testing your setup with blink sketch

Open up the Arduino IDE. You will see the following screen:


Check if under Tools > Ports the Arduino is present and select it. Now go to File > Examples > 01.Basics and choose blink. The code (sketch) will be loaded into the IDE.

In the topleft corner are the verify (left) and upload button (right).


When pressing the verify button, the code will be checked on mistakes and errors. When pressing the upload button this will also happen but when the code is alright, it will be uploaded to the connected Arduino platform. If the code contains errors and mistakes, then they will be visible in the black box at the bottom of the IDE. This black box is called the console. When the verification fails, the code wont be uploaded to the Arduino Board.

Press the upload button and wait a few seconds. While the code is being uploaded to the Arduino board, you will see some LEDs blink and text flash in the console. When this stops, you will see that one LED is blinking slowly on the Arduino Board.

Mission succesfull!

Now we know your setup is working and your Arduino Board isn’t faulty.



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